What is the mission of Project60?

The mission is to create an enabling atmosphere for upcoming talented Nigerians who have what it takes to effect change but are not known or encouraged.

What does it cost to attend WCOPA?

An individual and group participant if free and must not exceed 7 team

As a parent, why should I support my child’s participation in WCOPA?
Why should I participate in the world championships ?

It is hard to put a value on an investment in our children or oneself. The number one comment we want to hear after this event is “It changed my (child’s) life”. This statement means different things to different people. To some it means, I or my child confirmed this business is where I see my (our) future. To others it means the experience allowed me to gain priceless knowledge to pursue my career goals. Yet others, Project60 confirmed that I have what it takes to be successful in the Entertainment Industry. In many instances, this event opens doors for continuing education through scholarships. It can lead to job opportunities in key markets. With most, it builds self-esteem. Raising your personal confidence will help give you the assurance to accomplish your goals, whatever they may be. In a time when so many negative outlets are vying for the attention of your children, how do you put a value on building the self-esteem of your children to purse positive goals ?

 What are the guidelines for an official contestant?

An official contestant must be a citizen and/or resident (or nationality) in good standing of the Nigeria, may be an amateur or professional, must have been qualified and invited according to Project60 guidelines, and must comply with the rules and regulations established by the Project60. An “Official Contestant’s Handbook” is provided to each contestant describing details of and codes for the competition will be available on the website.

 What are the categories of competition?

There are six (6) categories of competition for junior competition: (ages 5 to 15): dancing, singing, modeling, acting, instrumentals and variety arts: JUNIOR: (1) 5 to 7 (2) 8 to 10 (3) 11 to 12 (4) 13 to 15

The six (6) categories for senior competition: (ages 16 and over) are: dancing, singing, modeling, acting, instrumentals and variety arts: SENIOR: (1) 16 to 17 (2) 18 to 24 (3) 25 to 29 (4) 30 Plus

What are the competition events?

Events have styles within each category. Actors, Dancers, Instrumentalist, Models, Singers and Variety Arts may choose from a long list of events:
Acting: Classical, Comical, Contemporary, Dramatic and Open.
Dancing: Acro/Gymnastic, Ballet, Ballroom, Clogging, Contemporary, Ethnic/Folklore, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theater, Open, Production Line, Tap, Song and Dance
Modeling: Casual, Formal, Photo, Spokesmodel, Swimwear (Commercial, Plus and Petite are in addition to runaway)

Vocal: Broadway, Country, Contemporary, Gospel, Latin, Open, Opera, Original Works, Pop, R&B/Soul/Jazz, Rap, Rock, Variety and World. All vocal styles are also offered in
Instrumental: Classical, contemporary, Jazz, Open, and Original Works
Variety Acts: 3 and under props, 4 and over props, act with assistance and act without assistance.

Interested participants, according to the organizers, will be selected from different genres such as music, comedy, dance, spoken word and arts and craft. The show has as theme, “Nigeria; there is Hope!

 How is age calculated?

The age of the contestant on October 1 of each competition year determines the age category of competition. For duets, trios, quartets, choirs, groups and production numbers, it is calculated by age averaging. Every member’s age as of the first day of October is added together then divided by the number of members in the group. If the average age of a group ends in 0.5 or higher, then it is rounded up to the next higher age.

 What is the judging criteria?

Special emphasis is placed on “entertainment value and marketability” during judging. This in no way takes away from the technical aspect of the performances; however, judges are looking for that special charisma (the “it” factor) that most top entertainers have. Performance times of two minute (120 seconds) are strictly enforced. Contestants with the highest scores by panels of judges in respective events are the winners. Persons from the entertainment industry (i.e. agents, managers, casting directors, record label representatives) are invited to judge, conduct seminars and cast during the week-long event.

 Does Project60 guarantee a participant will get signed with an agent or manager, get a job or become a supermodel or star?

No, the function of Project60 is to provide a valuable opportunity for aspiring models and talent to compete and showcase their talent in front of acclaimed industry talent and modeling professionals in a reasonably safe environment. Who gets a call back and is signed for representation is totally up to the agents, managers and casting directors. Project60 does not guarantee anyone’s success; it provides an amazing global opportunity to be successful!

 What is the prize?

Like the Olympics, the IMPORTANT PRIZE is also the “GOLD”, symbolizing excellence! However, the invaluable experiences, training and networking opportunities are the real “prizes” which every contestant receives! As well as winners being presented with a “Gold Medal” in every event category, style and age group at both the Junior and Senior categories, there are specific Overall Champions (individuals and groups) in:

JUNIOR: 5 – 15 years

SENIOR: (1) 16 – 24 years (2) 25 years and over

Are there cash prizes?


How will the contestants be evaluated?

The contestants will be judged according to skills, street presentation, musical, performance, and creativity. It is particularly important for the participants to stick with a style that he/she knows best

How many people can be in a team?

It’s expected at least 4 to 8 people should be in a team.

What type of attire can I/We wear?

Attire which may include accessories such as hats, caps, gloves, scarves, jewelry, e.t.c are allowed. Removing pieces of clothing during the performance is permitted provided it is not offensive or out of character. Clothing that is too short, suggestive, obscene or inappropriate is not allowed. Tap shoes, jazz shoes, high-heeled shoes and bare feet are prohibited.

Is the competition opened to ONLY people in Oyo state?

No, it is a national qualifier. All Nigerians are free to apply. Be on lookout for our publications.

Can a team apply for as many seasons as possible?

Yes, reapplication is allowed. If they didn’t get final in previous season but terms and conditions applied.

Where is Project60 located?

Project60 is located in Ibadan or visit our website www.project60.com.ng

Is Project60  NGO?