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This educative, entertainment and talent showcase platform is called Project60. This event was launched on 1st October 2020 during the 60th independence anniversary of Nigeria. Project60 is designed with a bid to enable Nigerians youths at heart to display their talent and compete with others who are talented in various fields of endeavors.
The practice of Sports, which dates back to the dawn of human history has now become firmly established as a mass phenomenon without equal precedent. According to some scholars, sport’s capacity to engage huge crowd of people on a planetary scale and to straddle geographical, social, economic, and language barriers, makes it one of the most universally recognized components of popular culture
Sports and Talent being a gift from God must not be compromised, it must never be hijacked by drugs addict, professional fouls, and violence and cheating, like any other aspect of God’s creation, it must not be distorted from its original purpose. As an organization that promotes wellness and family stability, we have arisen to make a difference through our wholesome approach.

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